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How we went from cover band to T-shirt store in a few easy steps...





I suppose it isn't your typical retail startup story. We started as a cover band. Four musicians in Edmonton Alberta, together since 2012 under the name "The Oddibles," playing gigs at weddings, casinos, bars, Christmas parties, you name it!  It's been a pretty good run, but when you add a global pandemic to the mix, live music is one of the first things to go, unfortunately.


Mandy (the bandleader) and Paul (the bassist/guitarist) both had a few moments of panic, since neither had a full-time, non music related job to fall back on. However, Paul's mad silk-screening and artistic design skills made for a pretty handy Plan B. With Mandy handling the admin and business side, the two began focusing on making and selling the band's merch. However, they were having so much fun, they decided to expand into the empire you see before you.


Introducing "Odd-i-tees!" (it's as though the name just fell out of the sky.) Paul has poured his heart and soul into a whole bunch of designs that he is proudly printing onto t-shirts and tank tops, just for you. Since everything is printed right here in Alberta, we're pleased to offer fast turnaround times as well as contactless curbside pickup in the Edmonton or Lac Ste. Anne area. We're also happy to customize your shirt for you. If there's a way to do it; we'll make it happen! Trust me, we have the time on our hands, and if there's a way we can dress you with those hands, we're going to DO IT!

Oh, and if you feel like checking out our band, we're back to being as busy as ever, and you can find us right HERE!

Paul, demonstrating the silk screening process


A few of our labour-fruits

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